Friday, July 3, 2009

Sustainable Flatbush seeks support for PowerBike

Hey Brooklyn bloggers! Help Fellow blogger Sustainable Flatbush win a grant proposal they have submitted to build PowerBike, a mobile solar energy station. This is one of those online contest grants where displays of public support are VERY helpful in moving from the first round to the final one, where a public vote determines the winner(s).

"We at Sustainable Flatbush would really appreciate your checking out our PowerBike proposal and giving us a 'thumbs-up' in the form of a high rating and a lovely comment!," says SF. "And if you want to encourage your readers to do the same, well, we'd be eternally grateful. We'd happily provide some solar laptop/cellphone charging for future Blogades as well! But first we have to win."

Here's the blog post:

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