Monday, May 31, 2010

"The Practice Room"--a teen journey to Musicland

Looking for a fun summer read for a teen girl--or a grown woman (like me) who enjoys reading young-adult novels?

From the moment Zoey Browne discovers her strangely magical ability to travel in time to her discovery of what drives her to make music, The Practice Room is an inspirational and encouraging read for budding musicians seeking their own way on an artistic path.

Full disclosure: I went to journalism school with the author, Sue Zeidler, so yes, I'm giving The Practice Room a bit of publicity on my blog. But I can also honestly say that I fell into the fantasy world that Sue created with her story about Zoey, a somewhat lost teenager who finds herself as she searches for her lost father in a far-away place called Musicland.

Pippi Longstocking--Good Girl or Bad?

I wrote a Pippi Longstocking post on my Bad Girl Blog. But now I'm wondering--was Pippi a girl good or bad? Either way, she was one of my biggest fictional idols when I was growing up. Check out my post to learn more about her creator, Astrid Lindgren.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Magnolia tree planting!

Hey hey! As head of my Brooklyn co-op building's gardening committee, I finally got the funds to have two beautiful magnolia trees planted in the front yard. So proud--feel like I've adopted twin babies. With many thanks to the guys at J&L Landscaping in Kensington.